Building Capability through Preparedness

A preparedness program designed to assist personnel to understand the roles, responsibilities and mandates of different agencies, and to work together more effectively.

The number of Australian government agencies deploying staff overseas to support international response and recovery operations has increased significantly over the past decade, requiring the development of effective integrated cross-agency capabilities to prevent, prepare for and respond more effectively to conflicts and disasters.

In consultation with stakeholder agencies, we work to provide a comprehensive and integrated program of preparedness, exercises and lessons to strengthen and continue to build Australia's civil-military-police capability, supporting the:  

  • Development of a ‘collaborative culture’ across civilian, military and police actors;
  • Development of networks to increase knowledge of respective expertise, roles and responsibilities;
  • Capacity of agencies to operate in a whole-of-government setting, and
  • The ability of all civilian, military and police actors to work together during a conflict or disaster response.