Innovation and New Partnerships

New relationships, new ways of thinking

Preparing for the future

The frequency and intensity of disasters is increasing, the size and number of humanitarian emergencies across the globe continues to grow, and new challenges such as cyber crime and modern violent extremism are emerging. At the same time technology is changing our world in profound ways and new civil-military-police actors are responding to crises in innovative and non-traditional ways.

New technology, innovative approaches and new partners offer fresh ideas and challenge established systems for aid delivery, crisis response and civil-military-police coordination. Technological disruption and adaptive approaches of new partners encourage us to explore new ways of thing and new systems for responding to conflicts and disasters.

To prepare for future crisis responses, ACMC focuses on building knowledge and exploring the impact innovation - new technologies, new ways of doing business and new ways of thinking about complex problems – and new partner approaches - the multifaceted nature of private sector participation as global donors, responders, micro investors, and diasporas direct community engagement approaches – will have on civil-military-police coordination.