Colonel Michael Bye

The ACMC's Military Advisor serves as a conduit to the Australian Defence Force and provides advice and insights from a military perspective.

Military Advisor

Colonel Michael Bye

Recent Appointments:

  • Military Advisor - Australian-Civil Military Centre (Defence)
  • Senior Military Advisor, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation 2018 Task Force (Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet)

Michael joined the Australian Army in 1990. A graduate of the Australian Defence Force Academy, the Royal Military College-Duntroon, and the Australian Command and Staff College, his formative military years involved regular service in Australia’s North. Since then, Michael has been privileged with opportunities to act in whole-of government, combined staff, joint staff, command, advisory, capability-management, representational, training and incident management appointments.

Highlights include:

  • Working closely with Northern Territory Government agencies and indigenous community leaders, whilst stationed in Darwin (1996-1999).
  • Representing Australia as a Liaison Officer in the UN Assistance Mission East Timor (1999), and the UN Truce Supervision Organisation (Syria, Lebanon and the Golan Heights, 2003).
  • Commanding a Cavalry Combat Team on security operations in Al Muthanna, Iraq (2005).
  • Supporting the Chief of Defence Force (Sir Angus Houston) as his Staff Officer, (2007).
  • Leading Coalition operational planning in the US 18th Airborne Corps in Baghdad (2008).
  • Developing Army’s Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance capabilities and leading the planning for acquisition of the RQ7-B ‘Shadow’ unmanned aerial system for Army, (2009-10).
  • Coordinating actions to protect Army’s reputation as Army’s Critical Incident Manager (2011).
  • Commanding over 500 men and women in the 2nd Cavalry Regiment and leading the 2 CAV Task Group in combat and advising operations in Uruzgan, Afghanistan (2013).
  • Mentoring future leaders as an Australia’s Command and Staff College Instructor (2014).
  • Acting as the Director General of International Engagement and Operational Assessments at HQ Joint Operations Command (2016).
  • Working with and advising NATO senior leaders & Afghan Ministers as Chief of Future Operations in Kabul, (2017).
  • Leading development of whole-of-government Coordination, Control and Communications plans while seconded to PM&C’s Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Task Force (2018).

Michael holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History, a Master’s Degree with Excellence in Business Management and Strategy, and is in the final stages of completing a Master’s in Public Leadership and Policy with the University of New South Wales, (Howard Library).

The combination of wide experience, relevant education and contemporary inter-agency Taskforce exposure provides Michael with an ability to translate deep knowledge of civil-military relations into actionable advice, planning and delivery in civilian-lead environments. He understands the whole-of-government factors underpinning successful pursuit of national interests, and of Defence’s complementary - not central - role in this process. Furthermore, he prioritises the building of respectful and inclusive personal relationships on which trust and good institutional decision making is based.

His awards include an Australian Commendation for Distinguished Service in Kabul in 2017; an Australian Commendation for Distinguished Service in Uruzgan in 2013; the NATO Meritorious Service Medal; The United States Bronze Star; The United States Meritorious Service Medal; A Chief of Australian Army’s Commendation for Exemplary Service; and Deputy Chief of Joint Operations Commendation for Exemplary Service.