Amanda Coghlan

The Director of Concepts and Capability leads a team of experts, delivering cross-agency programs on new and emerging civil-military-police concepts, such as Women, Peace and Security, and programs that support the development of civil-military-police capability through preparedness, lessons and evaluation, and humanitarian-government coordination.

Director, Concepts and Capability

Amanda Coghlan

Amanda Coghlan brings more than 13 years’ experience in building civil-military-police partnerships for crisis management to this position. Throughout her career, Ms Coghlan has advised Australian and regional senior decision makers through to implementing actors and led a range of programs designed to break down the barriers to multiagency cooperation and increase cross-agency collaboration in responses to domestic national security and overseas crisis response.

During her time at the Australian Civil-Military Centre, Ms Coghlan led the establishment of the ACMC whole-of-government preparedness and lessons programs, was the Senior Researcher and Project Director for Afghanistan: Lessons from Australia's Whole-of-Government Mission and led the delivery of the inaugural ASEAN-Australia Dialogue on Women, Peace and Security.

Prior to joining the ACMC, Ms Coghlan was the lead evaluator for Australia's Pandemic Preparedness exercises and played a leading role in the development of Australia's crisis management and national security architecture.

In 2012, Ms Coghlan was awarded a Chief of Defence Force Commendation for her work in developing Australia's approach to civil-military-preparedness and in 2010, she was recognised for outstanding contributions to Defence Science for her work on Crisis Management Improvement.