Video: Civil-Military Police Coordination

Dr Alan Ryan, discusses the concept of Civil-Military-Police Coodination in relation to our responsibilities here at ACMC.

In 2008, the National Security Committee of Cabinet established the ACMC to assist Australian Government Agencies to respond more effectively to conflicts and disasters overseas. Given the changing nature of conflict, globalisation, climate change and the advent of new and emerging technologies, continued collaboration across a growing number of actors is paramount if we are to prevent conflict and reduce the effects of disasters overseas.

Staff here at ACMC include a Military Advisor, a Foreign Affairs Advisor, Emergency Management Australia Advisor and a Special Projects Advisor. These staff provide key links to stakeholder agencies, provide in-house advice and support to the ACMC teams and identify opportunities for ACMC to further its mission. The work that we do in supporting our government stakeholders and our civil society colleagues is about influencing culture, enabling change and meeting the challenges of the future.