ACMC delivers virtual Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Seminars

Throughout September and October this year, the Australian Civil-Military Centre (ACMC) delivered four virtual humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) seminars with Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia in support of Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (IPE21).

To deliver each seminar, ACMC worked closely with the IPE21 planning team (HQJOC), IP Div, Defence Attachés and Development Counsellors from relevant Australian Embassies (posts).

The seminars enabled ACMC to generate knowledge and awareness of civil-military coordination during multi-agency disaster response operations, and to support the development of HADR response capabilities within the context of civil-military coordination in participating countries.

The seminars showcased multi-agency and civil-military coordination in action, as key agencies participating in the seminars worked together to deliver the successful events.

The seminars were well-received with high attendance from the participating countries – delegates represented military, government and Non-Government Organisations.