ACMC partners with government agencies, academic research institutions, international organisations and non-government organisations to identify research priorities in civil-military-police practice.

Research Program

Our Research Program supports the development of national civil-military-police capabilities by commissioning research that develops new knowledge, addresses knowledge gaps, identifies good practices and challenges, and provides practical outcomes to inform policy and support practitioners.

We work closely with research providers to deliver rigorous, relevant and timely research on civil-military-police issues of current and emerging priority for Australian agencies involved in responding to conflicts and disasters overseas; including government, non-government and private sector stakeholders. 

All research we commission needs to consider cross-agency dynamics and outcomes need to be accessible and practical to ensure they can usefully inform policy-making, planning and implementation. 

Research areas of interest

Within the context of prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response and/or recovery from international crises, our research areas of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Disasters in Asia and/or the Pacific;
  • Conflicts and complex emergencies;
  • Lessons from Australia’s response to past catastrophic disasters and complex emergencies;
  • Women, Peace and Security;
  • Protection of Civilians; and
  • Innovation and new approaches (including emerging technologies, new approaches to cross-agency collaboration and new partners).

Submit a research proposal

ACMC considers research proposals from government and non-government stakeholders, as well as those from academic institutions, international organisations, and expert researchers and practitioners. Research providers can be based in Australia or overseas. 

To submit a research proposal please download and complete the Research Proposal Template and send it to our research team:

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