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The ACMC’s Research  Program supports best practice in Australia’s civil-military processes, plans and capabilities in order for Australia to help prevent and respond more effectively to conflicts and disasters overseas. In developing its Research Program, the ACMC will incorporate contemporary knowledge and emerging concepts and ideas. The program undertakes practical research by partnering with government agencies, academic research institutions, international organisations and non-governmental organisations to identify and fill the most consequential gaps to help develop Australia’s civil-military capabilities for conflict and disaster management.

Call for Concept Notes

To assist ACMC in determining our research statement of works for 2014, we are seeking short concept notes for research that falls within one or more of the following themes:
1. Rebuilding societies post-conflict: the role of the civil-military-police actors in assessing appropriate models to reintroduce security post-conflict
2. Strengthening security, protection of civilians and the rule of law in conflict and post-conflict environments through civil-military-police coordination
3. Promoting effective experiences of and approaches to civil-military-police responses to natural disasters and conflict in the Asia-Pacific
4. Review of international whole- of-government civil-military response architecture and lessons for Australia
5. Prevention of conflict through improving civil-military-police collaboration on security sector reform and rule of law, and creating partnerships with and understanding better the role of the private sector in conflict prevention, and
6. Accountability to affected populations for effective civil-military-police collaboration.

The concept note should not exceed two pages, should not come with a monetary figure, and should clearly identify the theme under which the proposal sits. The concept notes should cover short projects not exceeding 18 months duration. More information is available here.

AusTender Multi-Use List to provide Research Services to the ACMC 

All researchers who wish to undertake civil-military research for the ACMC need to be registered through AusTender in order to be eligible to respond to research requirements identified by the ACMC. The Approach to Market (ATM) will be opened on AusTender on 4 November 2013 and will remain open for consideration of applications for a period of at least two (2) years. More information is available here.

ACMC Overview of Research 2013

The main themes of the ACMC research program for 2013-14 are:

  • Prevention: identifying, understanding and addressing the causes of conflict and insecurity
  • The private sector in conflict and disaster settings
  • Civil-military issues in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Strengthening protection of civilians and rule of law.

A PDF is available here, detailing 16 research projects that have been sourced from academic institutions, non-government organisations and think tanks in Australia and overseas. These projects aim to assist in the development of national civil-military capabilities for Australia, New Zealand and non-government stakeholders.

Civil-Military Interaction Seminar Working Papers

We are always interested in hearing about recent research in the field of civil-military relations and encourage experts who may be interested in collaborative work to contact the ACMC Research manager via email:


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